5 Ways to Ensure Proper Delivery of Your Product

Post offices and couriers have delivered mail for nearly 200 years, dating back to when carriers’ only option were to send them via horse or train. Businesses nearly always rely on postal services for some or even all of their responsibilities. Without mail delivery, manufacturers couldn’t bring in raw materials and Amazon junkies couldn’t waste hours and loads of cash through online shopping – we’re all guilty on that one.

Businesses live with the possibility that products might not be delivered on time, could get damaged, or completely lost. While people tend to blame post offices and their employees for damaging mail or facilitating painfully slow deliveries, it’s not all their fault. Those who are sending items might not address them correctly, use suitable packaging, or mess things up themselves.

Here are five ways to prevent these goofs and gaffes from happening, and ensuring proper delivery of your products.

Use postage management software

Technology is used in virtually every aspect of life, especially by businesses. Using computers, information about shipping can be quickly gathered and compiled in a centralized area. This means you can look up where packages are, information about their weight and size, and attach them to customers who ordered them. Keeping up with postal stuff on pen and paper — or even worse, by memory — is an effective way losing information, often for good.

Implement quality control

Ensuring products are handled properly is sometimes costly, with businesses spending tons of money on quality control. You can perform quality control measures yourself, inspecting packages before they leave your facility and directly prior to them being transferred to couriers’ control. Melaleuca, for example, which ships hundreds of thousands of packages each month,has built-in QC at its shipping facilities to ensure proper handling. This is one of the major reasons Melaleuca reviews posted by customers on the web are generally favorable.

Use reputable couriers

Some mail delivery services simply aren’t as good as others. The United States Postal Service is everywhere in the United States, and undoubtedly the most reputable. UPS and Fedex are good, too, although these three are generally on the same level.

Deliver it yourself

It’s not feasible to drive hours on end to deliver things. However, if you’re shipping locally or to a nearby town, considering delivering products yourself, if it’s possible. You run the small chance of having a car accident, although it’s not likely to happen. Talk to an attorney if involved in a car accident.

Don’t use drop-off boxes

If you place stamps on mail, there’s no way to be certain it’s covered. Even worse, the product could be too heavy, dangerous, or otherwise not packaged well. Drop products off in person with post office employees to make sure they approve your parcels.

The mail is an integral part of commerce in today’s modern society. While post offices do great things, they make mistakes sometimes. Employ these five strategies into your shipping routines and help boost the chance of proper delivery.



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